Our Rich Island History

Start your Caribbean vacation with some interesting facts about Barbados:

  • Barbados was colonized by the English in the early 17th century
  • Before then, Barbados was inhabited by Carib and Arawak Native Americans
  • Transformed by the plantation system, Barbados was the world’s number one sugar producer by 1650
  • After securing its independence from the UK in 1966, Barbados is the oldest continuing parliamentary democracy outside England
  • Barbados is less than one million years old and was created by the collision of the Atlantic crystal and Caribbean plates, helped along by a volcanic eruption
  • Barbados is the easternmost Caribbean island, measuring 166 square miles
  • The Capital of Barbados is Bridgetown
  • Ten of Barbados’ parishes are named after Saints:
Saint AndrewSaint John
Saint MichaelSaint Thomas
Saint GeorgeSaint Joseph
Saint PeterChrist Church
Saint PhilipSaint Lucy

Enrich your Barbados experience by visiting some of the island’s amazing historical sites, including Gun Hill Signal Station, the George Washington House and the Parliament Buildings in historic Bridgetown.

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