COVID-19 Information Page


Dear Valued Guests,

Our resort enjoys a longstanding and well-deserved reputation for meeting and exceeding industry health and safety standards.

On an ongoing basis, you can Book With Confidence, and your clients can Stay With Confidence, knowing we have implemented a wide variety of enhanced health and safety protocols; and we are using state of the art cleaning and disinfection equipment and products throughout the resort.

Barbados – Entry Requirements

In preparation for your upcoming visit to Barbados, please CAREFULLY review the below Entry Requirements information.

As you know, the Covid-19 situation is ever-changing, so we recommend that you please check for Entry Requirement changes and updates frequently at:

Please keep in mind the following important highlights:

  • All travelers must have a valid passport.  If you are not a U.S., U.K., or Canadian citizen, please check with your country’s consulate for Visa requirements.  U.S., U.K., and Canadian visitors do not need a Visa to travel to Barbados.
  • All travelers must have a negative Covid-19 RT-PCR test done within three days prior to travel. You must bring proof of your negative tests (ie, your official test results) with you to the airport.  Travelers arriving without proof of a negative Covid-19 PCR test will be tested at the Barbados airport on arrival.
  • For your return home, PCR or Rapid Antigen testing will be provided in a convenient location at the resort within one day of guest departure, as maybe required by US, Canadian and UK health and immigration authorities.  The cost of a Rapid Antigen test for return to the US or UK is US$75 + tax per person.  The cost of a PCR test for Canadian residents is US$100 inclusive of tax per person.
  • All travelers must have a facemask to wear on the plane, and in the Barbados airport.  Please also bring extra masks to wear while in certain public areas at the resort.
  • Upon arrival to Barbados, all arriving passengers will be monitored for symptoms of Covid-19.  You may be asked to participate in a rapid Covid-19 test administered by airport medical personnel if you are displaying potential Covid-19 symptoms.  
  • Ground transportation to the resort will be available in the form of governmentally authorized, sanitized taxis, which will be waiting for you as you exit Customs as the Barbados airport.
  • During your stay at the resort, you will notice a wide array of enhanced health and safety protocols.  Seating has been spaced out in restaurants and bars to provide proper social distancing.  Guest Rooms will be fully cleaned then sanitized using state-of-the-art equipment including Victory electrostatic sprayers.  Likewise, all common areas and facilities will be continuously cleaned and disinfected by the resort’s dedicated Clean Team.  Face coverings are required while strolling the resort grounds and in certain common areas.  Face coverings are not required while on the beach, or swimming in the pool or sea.  In other words, you are going to have an amazing Caribbean vacation that is designed to help keep you safe and comfortable throughout your stay.

Enhanced Health & Safety Protocols for Your Peace of Mind

Health Inspections.  Prior to reopening, the resort will be inspected by the local Ministry of Health to ensure the resort meets or exceeds local health and safety requirements and protocols.  Follow-up inspections to ensure compliance will be ongoing.

State of the Art Sanitation and Disinfection.  The resort is using Victory Electrostatic Sprayers and Bioesque disinfectant, the gold standards to provide safe, hospital-grade disinfection.  This is in addition to our thorough cleaning of guest accommodations and public areas throughout the resort.

No Shared Ventilation Systems or Air-Conditioning.  All guest accommodations are in low-rise buildings  with NO shared air-conditioning or ventilation ducts or systems.  Each guest room has its own completely free-standing air-conditioning unit.

Open-Air Hallways and Corridors.  Guest rooms are accessed via open-air entryways and walkways.

Private Balconies & Patios.  All accommodations include spacious, private balconies or patios.  Perfect for enjoying the beauty of the Caribbean while maintaining comfort and social distancing.

Expansive Pool & Beach Areas.  Enjoy our spacious swimming pool and decks, along with our expansive oceanfront deck and beach areas, which allow full enjoyment while practicing social distancing.

Kindly note that, at The Club Barbados, your health, safety, and enjoyment are always our primary concerns.   We have implemented a variety of additional health and safety protocols, as required by local laws and regulations, to help make your next holiday the very best and safest it can be.  Please be aware that face coverings are required while strolling about the resort.  Face coverings are not required while you are seated for drinks and dining, or while you are enjoying the pools, ocean, and water sports.  Social distancing is in effect throughout the resort, and all guests are required to have their temperature checked with a no-touch thermometer upon entering a restaurant.  All guests age 16 and over must provide proof of Covid-19 vaccination at check-in.  Thank you very much for your understanding and support.  Together, we can all get back to travel!

Resort Management & Staff

All resort management and staff must attend multiple classes for enhanced health and safety training.

All staff members will have their temperatures checked before and after each shift.  

Staff members exhibiting any potential symptoms will be required to stay home and be tested.

Staff members will wear facemasks, gloves, and practice social distancing.

Medical Assistance

Please know that physicians and emergency medical personnel are available and on-call for the resort.  Should the need for medical assistance arise, guests need only contact the resort’s front desk, and a physician or appropriate emergency medical personnel will respond directly to the resort.  The cost of any medical bills or special transportation remain the guest’s responsibility.

Contactless Check-In & Check-Out

On arrival, guests will be shown directly to their accommodations where they can relax and complete a guest registration card at their leisure.  Guests will be assigned a time window to return to the front desk later in the evening to drop off their registration card, and swipe their credit card for a $300 pre-authorization to cover any incidental purchases charged to your room during your stay with us.  This pre-authorization will be released at check-out, less any room charges.

At check-out, guests will simply be invited to leave their room keys in their room, and depart the resort.  Any incidentals or room charges will be charged to their credit card accordingly.  This will help eliminate lines and crowds in the resort lobbies.

Enhanced State of the Art Cleaning & Disinfection

Accommodations.  Prior to arrival, all guest rooms will be thoroughly cleaned and sanitized using state of the art equipment.  Once cleaned, guest rooms will be professionally disinfected using Victory Electrostatic Sprayers with Bioesque disinfecting solution.  This is the current gold standard in safe and comprehensive disinfection, and is the same procedure used by many hospitals, airlines, and high-tech facilities.  Once a guest room is cleaned and sanitized, a sticker will placed on the door advising the guest that no one has been inside the room since it was fully cleaned and sanitized.

Dining and Bars.  Kitchens, store rooms, dining venues and bars will also be thoroughly cleaned, followed by full electrostatic disinfection before and after each meal service (or in the case of bars, before and after each opening period).  Ongoing cleaning and disinfection of common touch points will continue while dining venues and bars are open.  Hand sanitizing stations will be prominently placed at the entrance of all dining venues and bars.

Common Areas, Facilities and Amenities.  We have established a “Clean Team,” responsible for continuously cleaning and disinfecting common areas and common touch points throughout the resort.  This includes lobbies, gift shops, spas and salons, fitness centers, water sports booths and equipment, sun loungers, seating areas, and similar common areas around the resort.

Social Distancing & Operating Protocols

Safety Signage.  Signage will be placed throughout the resort, reminding guests to continuously take precautions to help prevent the spread of Covid-19.  Signage will include, but is not limited to: wash and sanitize hands; maintain social distancing; wear facemasks where appropriate; one-way directional signage for foot traffic in certain areas; limitations on the number of guests allowed in certain venues at any one time (gift shops, fitness centers, and similar indoor areas); and such other signs and notices as may be necessary or prudent from time to time.

Dining.  Our main dining venue is open-air (and our indoor restaurant, Enid’s, is well-ventilated).  Seating will be spaced to allow for proper social distancing.  Buffets will be modified so foot traffic moves in one direction, and food will be served by dining room staff members.  À la carte dining options will be expanded.  Paper menus, or menus with plastic covers that can be sanitized after each use will be used.  All service team members will wear facemasks, along with gloves where appropriate.

Bars.  Seating will be spaced out to allow for proper social distancing.  Social distancing floor stickers and signage will be in place to ensure proper social distancing.

Pools.  Sun lounger and other seating around pool decks will be spaced out to allow for proper social distancing.  Bathing loads will be reduced to promote social distancing in swimming pools.  Certain group activities, like water aerobics, may be eliminated.

Fitness Centers.  The number of people allowed in fitness centers at any one time will be reduced to allow for proper social distancing.  Where appropriate, reservations for fitness center usage will be implemented to best ensure that all guests have an opportunity to use the resorts’ fitness centers.

Water Sports.  Water sports equipment will be cleaned and sanitized on an ongoing basis throughout the day.  While not in use, equipment will be adequately spaced out to allow guests to approach and take equipment, while maintaining social distancing.  While in use, guests will be instructed to maintain proper social distancing at all times.  Equipment will be cleaned after each use.  

Please note that, for health and safety reasons, shared dive masks and snorkels will no longer be available from the resorts’ water sports booths.  Guests wishing to snorkel should bring their own masks and snorkels.  Masks and snorkels will also be made available for purchase in the resorts’ gift shops.  

Fitness Activities.  Fitness activities including yoga, aerobics, and dance classes will continue—but in a manner that allows for proper social distancing.  Any equipment used will be cleaned and sanitized after each use.

Spa and Salon.  The resort’s Spa and Salon will remain open, but with the number of guests being limited to allow for proper social distancing.  Spa and Salon staff will wear facemasks, and guests may choose to wear facemasks for added safety.  Spa and salon rooms and equipment will be fully cleaned and sanitized after each treatment.   

Tours and Excursions.  Certain tours and excursions that allow for proper social distancing may continue to be available.  Local tour and excursion providers must undergo a governmental inspection and become “certified” to provide their tours and excursions in a safe and healthful manner.  Due to the fluid nature of the Covid-19 situation, we cannot guarantee the availability of any particular off-site tour or excursion.  However, we do expect that a number of the more popular tours and excursions will be available, as circumstances permit.

Outdoor Sports and Activities.  Open-air facilities, such as tennis and similar outdoor activities will remain open—but with social distancing being strictly enforced.  Any equipment used will be sanitized after each use.

Gift Shops and RetailGift Shops, Jewelry Shops and similar retail outlets at the resorts will remain open, but with a limited numbers of shoppers at any one time to allow for proper social distancing.  Continuous cleaning and disinfection of high touch surfaces will continue throughout the day.

Additional Information

This page is intended to provide a broad overview of the new and continuing protocols at the resort.   This will help ensure an enjoyable, safe and healthy atmosphere for all guests and team members.  There is, of course, much more going on behind the scenes to provide guests with wonderful vacation experiences—and the confidence of knowing we take the health and safety of our guests, visitors and team members very seriously.

While the risk of Covid-19 exposure can never be reduced to zero in a travel and tourism setting, we are making the necessary investments in training, equipment, and products to help ensure the best possible Caribbean holidays for our mutual clients.

We remain very grateful for your ongoing trust and support.  Please know that we highly value our excellent and longstanding relationships with you, our loyal guests.

This notice is subject to further revisions as the situation may dictate going forward.